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We have covered many types of special deals and discount travel opportunities; but what if you have a very limited budget such as a student. Well there is hope because there is a website devoted to students. As a matter of fact this website is available to students, teacher and travelers under age 26. They do offer deals to teachers as well. If you do not qualify, please visit some other pages on this website for deals that may apply to you and also check out our blogs. If you do qualify then read on to learn more about STA Student Travel.

Types Of Travel And Accommodations

STA Student Travel is a full service travel agent. You can book flights, make hotel reservations, get bus or rail tickets, rent a car or book tours. They negotiate special flight discounts for qualified travelers with special STA’s Student Exclusive Ticket. They partner with some of the best airlines. You can create your own itinerary with multi-city flights. Hotels can be booked on a shoestring or in luxury depending on your budget. You can even book hostels. You can book bus passes, rail passes, flexible campervan hires or other cheap car rentals. Don’t forget to book any tours that may interest you, as these tours are designed for young students. What a great opportunity to meet others that are your age and who share common interest.


Make all your plans with STA Student Travel with their help. Make plans to travel around the world or go on a Spring Break by visiting some of the hottest spots for Spring Breaks. By using the multi-city flight planning, you can book a tour around the world. Their website can help in planning such an exciting adventure. Imagine visiting places like Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, Argentina or many other exciting hotspots.

No plan is complete without travel insurance. STA Student Travel even provides this. What if you got sick or you passport or visa was stolen. How about the possibility of losing your baggage or you could have a trip delay costing you unplanned expenses. The travel insurance would cover such events.

Perhaps you may not have planned in advance and wish to make a last minute trip. STA Student Travel has got you covered. They offer you some last minute planned trips at affordable prices.


STA Student Travel provides access to discount cards such as ISIC Student Card, IYTC Youth Card, ISIC Explorer Card and ITIC Teacher Card. These cards help to save on airfare, accommodation, shopping and so much more. In order to be sure that you lock in an attractive price, they have a “Book Now, Pay Later” plan. They have a “Price Beat Guarantee” meaning that they will beat other prices or they will give you $1,000. Certain limitations apply. Check their website for complete details on this guarantee.

Other Ways To Travel

If you have more time, there are other types of traveling that you can do. STA Student Travel provides plans to work abroad, study abroad or volunteer abroad. This gives you time to really get into the culture of the area as a local. This can also look good on your résumé.


There is so much more available at STA Student Travel. If you are a young student looking for opportunities in great travel deals, then you can find it all in one place. You need not go any further to have a wonderful vacation as a student. Consider planning your next vacation or travel arrangements through STA Student Travel. Don’t be left behind from having all this fun with other young students. Check it out by clicking this link below now:

4 thoughts on “STA Student Travel”

  1. I’ve heard such great things about STA travel. I had one friend who used them in a “trip around the world package,” where you can stop at as many cities as you want for the same price as long as you’re traveling in the same direction.

    I would definitely encourage people under 26 to look into it as well. I’m not sure if they still do this, but they used to give a free year of traveling to one person every year as long as they kept a blog about it. Now that’s the way to go.

    Most of their employees are also pretty young and they have excellent customer service. Despite never using their service, I’m a big fan, I’m glad to see you like them.

    1. Maxwell,

      I am so glad that you stopped by to visit this site. I did not know about the special free year of traveling offered to one person every year. You can always check with them to see if they still offer such incentives. A trip around the world is still offered with Multi-City flight bookings. Not only do you get to see much of the world, you meet a lot of people in your age group to have fun with. Happy traveling.


  2. Oh nice! But I’m not a student. I am under twenty-six though. I’m twenty. So does that not matter? I’ve always wanted to travel. I dream about it, and plan on doing it in the future.
    I’ve never wanted that Spring-Break experience myself, but it sounds like a really cool, fun, and cheap way to travel.
    Wishing you all safe travels
    Madelaine C. Lee~

    1. Madelaine,

      I believed that you can get in on the action as you are within the age group where all of the offers take place. It would be a great chance to meet many fellow travelers that are your own age. Spring Break is only one place to travel. However, there are offers all over the world and all times of the year besides Spring Break. This site really helps you make your decision. I think that you will enjoy it.


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