Rocket Languages Review – What Is The Easiest Way To Learn A New Language?

Product: Rocket Languages Review
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Foreign Language ClassWhen traveling, we want to be able to communicate with the locals and may always be looking for the easiest way to learn a new language. Of course, we can use the google translator or another translation app to find a quick way to communicate, but that could be hard as well as frustrating at times. So how can we quickly learn a new language before making our trip?

What Is Available?

There are some learning programs out there that can be very effective, but also can be expensive. Some examples are Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. Rosetta Stone has two types of courses; one is the regular course and the other is called TOTALe which is a subscription course. Pimsleur is also a subscription course. A subscription course lets you subscribe to a course for a given period of time, whereas the regular course is for a one time purchase without free upgrades. The cost can be overwhelming; but another choice which provides very good learning tools is Rocket Languages which cost less and is not a subscription course and does have free upgrades. Gone are the days of taking a language course in a classroom with repetitive drills. You do not need to be extremely fluent in the language before making your trip as long as you master the everyday language that you will be using.

Rocket Languages offers 15 of the more commonly used language courses. Rosetta Stone offers twice that many (over 30); whereas Pimsleur offers the most by offering over 50 languages. One language that may be different is with Rocket Languages which offers sign language as one of their languages. This may not be necessary when traveling unless you will be traveling with deaf people (in which case, it would be very helpful).

Features Available

Interactive audio lessons are available with Rocket Languages which provides Hellovarious reinforcement tests which reinforce and enhance your recall. You can take advantage of this feature by playing the audio with an Android or iOS app while in your car and driving to work. This feature is not available on either Rosetta Stone package.

Rocket Languages offers a feature called Language & Culture Lessons where you can discover the mechanics of the language as well as many common words and phrases. Learning the grammar can give you extra help in mastering the language of you choice. This feature is not available on Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur.

Rocket Record is a voice recognition tool that lets you record yourself to test and improve your ability to pronounce the words properly with the correct accent. There is also a progress tracker to monitor and record you progress. Pimsleur does not have these features.

There are advanced learning technique articles with tips and tricks that are unique with Rocket Languages. Also unique with Rocket Languages is a group of motivational tool that help motivate you and keep you on track. Progress tracking is available with Rocket Languages and Rosetta Stone, but not with Pimsleur.

Another feature is flash cards. These are cards that have your native language on one side and the language that you are learning on the other with a picture to indicate what is being said. These are available on Rocket Languages as well as the subscription version of Rosetta Stone (TOTALe), but not the regular course on Rosetta Stone or on Pimsleur.

All three (Rocket Languages, Rosetta Stone, and Pimsleur) offers a free trial or demo before purchasing.

Support And Guarantee

Language EducationAll three mentioned companies have a money back guarantee. However, they differ. Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone have a 30 day money back guarantee while Rocket Languages has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you buy the packaged language by mail with Pimsleur, you can return it for a refund if it is unopened. If you downloaded it, you cannot get a refund. However, Pimsleur allows you to complete the first course and take a test by an independent tester. If you cannot pass the test, then you may get a full refund if it is within 60 days. For the subscription courses, your subscription will be ended when you exercise your return. You do not have lifetime access to Rosetta Stone subscription package TOTALe, but the others do have lifetime access.

Rocket Languages has unlimited 24/7 lifetime support online with native speakers of the language that you are learning. Rosetta Stone will provide technical support, but language support is available only as live tutoring if you have a current subscription account. There is no such support with Pimsleur.

Free upgrades are available with Rocket Languages and the Rosetta Stone subscription account TOTALe. Pimsleur and the regular course (TOTALe) with Rosetta Stone do not have any free upgrades.

What Does All This Cost?

The cost can vary depending on what language and how many levels of courses that you purchase or subscribe to. Pimsleur starts at $450, Rosetta Stone starts at $209, and Rocket Languages starts at $99.95.

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1. Interactive audio lessons.
2. Ability to listen and learn in your car.
3. Voice recognition tool.
4. Language support.
5. Cost effective.


1. Fewer languages to choose from.


For travelers who want to quickly learn a language before making a trip without a hefty cost, I would suggest Rocket Languages. If the language that you want to learn is not in the available languages by Rocket Languages, then you may have to pay more and get Rosetta Stone. If Rosetta Stone does not carry that language, then it looks like you many have to dish out a lot of money for Pimsleur. Most people will probably find the language that they need to learn in Rocket Languages as they are the more commonly pursued languages. Rocket Languages has the best all around teaching methods for a smaller cost.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and please let me know if you have any questions or comments below. Rocket Languages is by far the easiest way to learn a new language without a high price tag.

6 thoughts on “Rocket Languages Review – What Is The Easiest Way To Learn A New Language?”

  1. It seems that this program is Rosetta Stone x 100. It’s great how they show you the mechanics of each language with audio support. And great that you can travel with it anywhere.

    Can you use it with Bluetooth or is it in a CD-ROM that you just insert into your car’s media system?

    Also, does this program teach more languages than Rosetta or others?

    As a guy of Persian origin, I would consider this system to learn Farsi, so I can speak with relatives in Farsi with ease.

    1. Ariel,

      Thanks for visiting My Travel Guide Tips. Rocket Languages can use Bluetooth on your smartphone to listen to your language lessons. A great feature of Rocket Languages.

      Rocket Languages does offer a lot, but one Con that I mentioned in the article is that there are less languages available. Unfortunately, Farsi is not available in Rocket Languages. You will have to pay more and go to Rosetta Stone to get that language. If you were to choose a more common language that most people may choose, then Rocket Language would be available to you. At least Rosetta Stone is less expensive than Pimsleur. Maybe someday, Rocket Languages will add Farsi to their list of languages.


  2. Thanks for your review on the guide to learning a new language. It’s always a privilege to communicate freely to people as it’s not only comfortable but also help in passing a message which can lead to a successful business transaction and activities.

    How fast do you think this quide can help one learn a new language?

    1. Johnson,

      Learning a new language can vary from person to person as well as the course that you chose. If you are trying to learn common phrases for an upcoming vacation plan to another country, then this might be enough for your purpose. However, by spending more time, you should be able to improve. Anyone can learn a new language. It is just a matter of spending the necessary time. Rocket Languages is very helpful for this quick type of learning. You can even learn it while driving in your car.

      You mentioned business transactions as a need to know another language. The best bet is to start by learning the words and phrases that you would need to conduct your business. Then build from there. Good Luck!


  3. Thanks for the comparison post on rocket language. When I learned Spanish I used Rosetta Stone and was really impressed with the format and easy and comfort of learning from your computer.

    I think beginners struggle with feeling embarrassed when first taking on a new language.

    I think if I had Rocket Languages at my disposal, I would have chosen this program over Rosetta Stone.

    But either way, it’s great to challenge your mind and learn a new language at any stage in life.


    1. Todd,

      Thanks for the visit. Rosetta Stone is a good system and you did not go wrong by using it. It is just much more expensive than Rocket Languages. Many people are aware of Rosetta Stone because of all the advertising that they do, but not as many are aware of Rocket Languages. I hope this article will enlighten them.

      In any event, learning a new language is very rewarding and helps when you travel a lot.


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