Road Trips

Road trips are a common and inexpensive way to travel. You can see the countryside as you travel and have the opportunity to stop and visit anywhere.

Road trips are a great way to see a country or group of countries depending on the time available to you. Traffic Road TripsSome trips can be researched, planned, and executed to fill the desires of the traveler. Others can be open and just hit the road and see things on the fly (this type is usually for travelers with time flexibility). Another advantage in this type of travel is the lower cost of such a trip. Stopping at roadside motels is a lot less costly than 5 star hotels. The cost of traveling by car can be cheaper than air flight cost. Of course, if you are using a car rental, this could increase you costs, but sometimes it may be your only alternative if you are traveling from another country.

The time of the year makes a difference on road trips. For example, if you are traveling in the winter, you have to take into consideration the problems of snowing. Driving can be very treacherous during such a snow storm. Road Trips RoadSometimes roads can even be closed down which puts quite a damper on your trip. Planning ahead and checking the weather in the areas that you travel are very important and a necessity unless you are seeking some unusual adventure. I prefer to plan my road trips during the summer months to avoid these type of problems. If you desire winter road trips, just plan ahead. Do not let the idea of traveling in the winter deter you from your plans. There can be a lot of beautiful scenery in the winter. Just make sure that you plan ahead to avoid any mishaps.

You can use road trips to travel with a family with the proper vehicle. A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is really handy and convenient with a family. This would provide a more comfortable trip. Campers are also another alternative. With campers, you can find a campground to stay for the night with less cost than a motel. Campsite Road TripsThey usually provide utility hookups, restrooms, and showers. If you are getting a camper for only one road trip, then this would be way too expensive. In such a case, you are better off using your car and staying at motels. Another disadvantage of campers can be parking if you are planning on spending a lot of time in major cities.

The United States is a very popular country for road trips. Some of the favorite routes are the historic Route 66, US Route 101 in California, and Highway 1 in the Florida Keys. Route 66 has been replaced by modern interstate highways. This causes may road travelers to miss some of the historic stops along this old route. It may take longer to take Route 66, but that is what vacations are for, so take the time and enjoy a historic route. Colorful Road Trips CamperUS Route 101 in California provides so much to see that would be missed if you took Interstate 5 instead. This route provides many coastal views that are postcard perfect. Taking Highway 1 in the Florida Keys is the only way to visit the Keys.

Maps have always been a necessity to keep from getting lost on road trips. However, today we have GPS systems. If one is not installed in your car, you can always buy a portable one which works just as well. The GPS systems are very dependable, but it may not be a bad idea to have the old fashion paper maps just in case your GPS breaks down.

Because of the individual experiences travelers may have with road trips, there may be many stories to tell. Please feel free to share some of your experiences on road trips with us by contacting us.