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Rail Travel is a great way to get around and be comfortable. I have always had a passion for trains. Steam Engine Rail TravelEven though the old steam engine trains do not provide the comforts of modern day trains, I look forward to any opportunity to ride on one. Today, the only likely way is in a special museum that still uses them for tourist rides. But, I also enjoy the modern trains with all the added comforts provided by them. I would suggest considering these types of vacations when traveling as an alternative to flying, even if just for the experience. The train ride itself could be a vacation.

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For longer trips of rail travel, there are usually dining cars where you can be seated at the table and enjoy a meal while looking out the window of the countryside and communities that you pass by. You can’t get that on an airline. Also, there are sleeping cars where you can get a good nights rest without having to sleep in an upright seat. Of course you would not have that advantage in coach class as you would in first class. Rail Travel Modern TrainBut even in coach class, the seats are much more comfortable and spacious that a coach seat on an airline. There are also lounge cars where you can relax and have a variety of snacks and beverages.

Shorter trips of rail travel will probably not have these special types of cars. But they will still have more comfortable and spacious seating then a bus. Buses may have the advantage of using all roads, whereas rail travel are limited to where tracks are placed; but, many cities and countries have good service and provide a great variety of destinations for such shorter trips. With some searching, you could find some fares with good discounts.

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Timeliness can be a problem in some countries for rail travel, whereas other countries not so much. Colorado Rail TravelIn the United States, most longer rail travel trips are run by Amtrak. They have a reputation for not being on time. I took such a trip for a few days up the west coast and the train arrived at my destination 8 hours behind schedule. I was informed by the conductor that this is normal. I also had the privilege of riding on the Bullet Train in Japan and that is very timely. You could set your watch by its accuracy. You should consider this when booking a train. If the time is unimportant to you then you will be fine even if the train is not timely; however, you should plan for this when booking a stay at your destination.

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There are special trains whose only purpose is the experience of the ride. If you are a fan of rail travel, then you would enjoy some of these. Kids Rail TravelOne of my desires is to ride the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train. It is a fun filled day on a train through Colorado. It runs from Durango to Silverton and back. You get off the train at Silverton and can have lunch and shop and tour the town of Silverton, then re-board the train back to Durango. The scenery is beautiful. Check it out if you like trains as much as I do. There is even rail travel that provides fine dining with a murder mystery called the Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

Vacationing by rail travel can create some special traveling memories. There are so many ways to enjoy a great vacation with rail travel. Please feel free to share some of your experiences on rail travel with us by contacting us.