Other Accommodations

Try some other accommodations that are available for traveling besides hotels. They can be romantic and also very cheap accommodations.

Besides the common searches for hotel bargains, there are also many opportunities for other accommodations as well. Other Accommodations Paris HostelAlthough there has been a lot of pushing of time sharing vacation spots, this can be an expensive method because it requires you to buy a vacation spot and then use it as a shared vacation accommodation to trade off with others in the time sharing group. This ties up a lot of you money which I do not recommend. If you already have such a property, you may find it hard to sell and you may be stuck with it.

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A better alternative are vacation rentals. Vacation rentals can be a great way to travel and have the experience of living in your vacation area as the locals would experience it. You can rent from a list of properties throughout the world at various websites. Although it may not be required, you can also list your own vacation property on these websites for additional income for yourself as well. Other Accommodations HostelVacationrentals.com offers great places throughout the world. Other sites that also provide many locations are homeaway.com and flipkey.com. They allow you search and find various rentals at great prices. They also provide you the opportunity to list your own vacation property so you have a chance to receive an income. A great way to help pay for some of your own vacations.

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Travel clubs can be found and joined on a website. They work by listing your home as a host for other travelers in the club. They would pay you some small hosting fee. You would be required to provide a breakfast and some help with their visit to your area. You can take them around your area yourself, but this is usually not required. You would also have the chance to be the tourist and visit a club members home where they would then be your host and provide the same services for a small fee. This would save a lot of money for other accommodations. It is a win-win situation. Always make sure that the members are screened because you will need to be sure that you can feel safe with these people in your home.

Hostels are another form of other accommodations. They provide cheap rentals for vacation travelers without the amenities which adds to the cost. Other Accommodations Bed and Breakfast You may just rent a bed, a bunk, or some kind of dormitory. You will usually share a bathroom and possibly a kitchen. This may be roughing it too much for some, but it is very popular among students and young travelers. It is a cheap way to travel. Some sites where you can find hostels are at hostelz.com and hostelbookers.com.

Bed and breakfast locations are always fun getaway places. Bed and breakfast inns are a cross between a hotel and a private home. It has the best of both worlds. They are usually specially provided rooms with a romantic feel to the room. Many provide little luxury touches. I booked one locally in my area. It provided a fabulous breakfast and the room that we had was actually a small cottage with its own jacuzzi and fireplace. Some B&Bs are a room in a vintage house. They vary, so shop around for the one that may fit your preferences. Prices can be more than an average hotel, but the experience is great for a special occasion.

One final form of other accommodations is home swapping. You may have seen this in movies. It is becoming a popular form of travel. Other Accommodations InnYou would list your home for home swapping on a reputable website and when someone else who has listed a home sees your listing and wishes to swap homes with you, they will contact you to arrange the details. You would also be able to contact someone with a listing to arrange a swap. Be sure the site that you are listing on is reputable. Some people may feel uncomfortable with this. You would need to be in an area that may be appealing to other travelers.

If you know of other forms for other accommodations, please contact us with your suggestions.