Last Minute Flight Bargains

Making last minute travel plans do not have to be costly. You can find last minute flight bargains easily. Do not pay the costly prices when there are better alternatives. It just takes a little effort and searching.

Be Flexible

FlexibleYou must be flexible with your travel arrangements when booking last minute. There are reasonably priced flights available as long as you consider traveling with more restrictions. You may find a good deal but it may require extra layovers at different airports. You may even need to change airlines on your trip. Night flights are also a strong possibility. Search the web looking for these deals.

Find Airlines Selling Empty Seats

Empty SeatsAirlines do not like to have empty seats on any flight. When it is getting close to departure time, they may be selling these empty seats at a discount. It is better for them to get something for the seat than nothing at all. Check the airline websites directly. They will probably be posting offers with great discounts. However, you may still need to be flexible on flights and times.

Vacation Packages

VacationA vacation package which may bundle flights and hotel could be an option. Because of the last minute need to fill the seats on a plane as well as fill a room in a hotel, vacation packages which are not filled could be offered at great discounts. This is a win-win situation. You get your last minute travel plans filled for less and the travel agent gets a sale that may otherwise go unfilled for no revenue at all.

You can also get last minute hotel deals: Last minute hotel booking? Don’t worry, FareBuzz has you covered on great last minute deals!

Student, Military, or Senior Deals

MilitaryStudents have an opportunity to get special deals at great discounts. As a matter of fact, it is possible to get cheap student airfare for young travelers even if you are not a student at STA Travel. They provide deals for all over the world. Military travelers can find deals at One Travel just for them. The same can be said for senior travelers who also can find deals at One Travel. AARP also provides support for senior travelers and even have a travel link on their website.


Airline consolidators buy up large amounts of tickets in advance and then sell them at reduced prices. A complete explanation and definition can found on this Wikipedia link on airline consolidators. Most of the tickets through consolidators are usually international flights and may also be business class or first class. The idea of consolidators is to try to keep the flights filled to capacity. If they cannot sell all of the tickets, they usually try to unload them at a discount for travelers looking to book last minute flights. It is hard to find them and deal with them directly because they usually function through travel agencies. Fare Buzz is such an agency that can help find such deals.


These are some ideas on finding last minute travel bargains. You should never have to pay full price just because you are booking last minute. With a little effort and a willingness to be flexible, you can find some great deals. If you know of any other methods for getting great deals on last minute travel, please share your ideas below with our readers.

8 thoughts on “Last Minute Flight Bargains”

  1. These are such great tips! I always assumed that the later you book your ticket, the more expensive it will be. So I try to book months in advance but it can be very inconvenient to have to plan so far ahead. Next time I need to fly I’ll definitely look into these tips!

    1. Rachel,

      Your conclusion that buying way in advance is the only way to save money is very common among travelers. Although there is some merit to such thinking, there are always ways to save at the last minute. I too book in advance many times, but when that is not always possible, it is good to know that there are other methods at my disposal. I am glad that these ideas have helped you. Happy traveling.


  2. what a good article with great tips on booking your last minute flight and get a great bargain. I never knew airlines put empty seats on sale before now, this would be a great way to get a good bargain on a last minute flight. Never thought about discounts for seniors and military and others before as well, you have shared so many cool ways to get bargain flights the last minute in this article today.

    1. HI

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad that you found these tips useful. Last minute flights are great opportunities. Just remember that you need to have some flexibility to benefit. Traveling is even more fun when you save money. Happy Traveling!


  3. I’m actually in the process of making last minute plans for a trip I’m leaving on in two-three days and I’ve been really worried about the additional costs I might have to pay since I didn’t book anything. These ideas are excellent ones for anybody making last minute plans for a trip! It looks like it’s not only the early bird that gets the worm!

    1. jCamden,

      Thanks for dropping by. I am glad that I was able to help in your last minute plans. Just remember that there may be a need to be flexible in your travel plans, but you can save money if you make this sacrifice. I hope your plans go well. Happy Traveling!


  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your helpful and informative post. I never knew that travelling last minute can be inexpensive. I always thought that I had spend lots of money if I plan a trip at the last minute. It seem that I just need to do some research to find a good last minute package and be flexible about it. Thanks again for the info.


    1. Hadri,

      Yes, you can travel last minute without paying a fortune. You just have to be flexible on times and type of flights. I am glad that this could have helped you. May your travels be enjoyable and inexpensive. Thanks for stopping by.


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