How To Travel Solo

Traveling alone does not have to be frightening when you know how to travel solo. When you travel solo, you get to make all the decisions on where to go and what to see. However, many questions come to mind. Where do I go when traveling solo? Can I find good bargains? How can I meet other solo travelers? Is it safe? This is a common question of women who wish to travel solo. We will attempt to answer these questions.

Where Do I Go When Traveling Solo?

BangkokThere are many ideas and places suggested online for solo trips. It should be somewhere that may interest you. Younger travelers may be more adventurous and wish to go backpacking. Older travelers may prefer a more gentle type of vacation. Southeast Asia might be a great place to start with new solo travelers. Thailand has plenty of tourist places and English is spoken by many locals. Bangkok offers great food and activities. If Asia is not to your liking, then maybe a trip to Europe or United States might be more preferable. South America is another area that many solo travelers enjoy.

Can I Find Good Bargains?

If you choose Southeast Asia as your first solo trip, you will find that the cost is Hostelone of the cheaper regions to travel. No matter where you go as a solo traveler, you may consider staying at a hostel which would be a great way to save money. You can find other types of cheap travel accommodations as well. You might consider even working for food and accommodations at a work exchange.

How Can I Meet Other Solo Travelers?

Traveling alone does not have to be lonely. You can meet people during your travels. By staying at a hostel or bed and breakfast, you get the opportunity to meet fellow travelers. Working at a work exchange, not only helps with your cost, but you meet many interesting people during this adventure. You must make an effort to talk with others and strike up conversations with others. You already have something in common: you like to travel. Be friendly, smile and be outgoing. Ask for recommendations on places to eat or places to visit. This will always be another way to start a friendship. Joining a group tour gives you another opportunity to make traveling friends. Asking someone to take a picture of you also will be a conversation starter.

Is It Safe?

Woman TravelerMany women are particularly concerned about safety when traveling solo. It would be recommended to dress modestly so as not to attract the wrong kind of attention. If you are traveling in a Muslim country, make sure that you cover your arms and legs. They may not expect you to cover your hair, but wear your hair on top of your head because it is considered rude to have loose hair. Check with the local customs to be sure. Try not to go out alone at night and take a taxi when possible. Ask if it is safe where you will be going. Joining tour groups can be a safe way to go if you are unsure of the area. As long as you are reasonably careful, you should be fine.


Your biggest concern might be that you will feel lonely by traveling solo. But if you know how to travel solo, you can make friends while traveling and you should not feel lonely. Traveling solo can be an exciting way to travel because you get to make all the decisions on what you want to do; thereby getting to do the things that you like most. You have complete control of your vacation. After traveling solo, you may even find that it may be your favorite way to travel. If you have any experiences as a solo traveler, please feel free to share it with our readers. Happy Traveling!

6 thoughts on “How To Travel Solo”

  1. Hi, I have always wanted to travel alone one day when I retire and I guess I came to this right article for advice. But I guess I would stay in hotels since I prefer it to be more comfortable! Regarding the money, do you think we should change a lot if we would to travel overseas for at least half a year? Should we change a little first and go over there and change more?

    1. Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, traveling alone can be fun and a chance to meet new people. Everyone has different lifestyles and some would prefer to be more comfortable in a motel. There are other types of stays besides hotels and hostels which I cover in another blog called “Cheap Traveling Tips – Can You Find Cheap Travel Accommodations?”.

      The amount of money exchange that you would like to do depends on your finances and how much that you plan on spending. If you have a bank account in your own country, you might consider just changing your money as you go. If you get too much and then go to another country with a different currency, you will have to change that money again. There may be a fee each time you do an exchange. This is really a judgement call based on your own preferences. Good Luck and Happy Traveling!


  2. I really like this article on traveling alone. I really want to start traveling and I find it hard to be able to get my friends and family on the same page. I often thought about traveling alone but I am so fearful. I think that I may have to try it and see how it goes. This was encouraging I am going to look into it. Especially with so many offers on Groupon and Livingsocial; I think I’m missing out waiting on others to travel with me.

    1. Kisha,

      I am so glad that you stopped by. Don’t let others hold you back for something that you like to do. If you wait and time goes by, you may miss out on so many wonderful adventures. Traveling can be so fulfilling and you should go for it, even if no one wants to join you. Traveling alone does not mean being alone. You can always make friends while traveling and share with them all your exciting experiences. Good luck and happy traveling!


  3. So glad I found your website!
    I’m not a woman, but I am interested in backpacking around the world! Traveling solo can be a scary but exciting idea. Even as a dude I still have to be careful, especially being in a foreign country.
    However I love the freedom that comes with solo traveling.
    Also thanks for highlighting the dangers, and providing some helpful tips to be safer. You also made a good point to know of customs in the country before you go there!
    Also thanks for the tip that south east asia has very cheap travel accommodations and english is spoken there as well! I did not know this. Lots of great information in this post! Thanks again,
    By the way, where would you recommend looking to stay if you don’t want to stay in a hostel? Or an expensive hotel, have you tried any BnB’s?

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for dropping by. I mentioned women when I addressed the safety issue because women are more concerned about this then men (although men should be concerned also). Solo traveling has it’s benefits and could really be enjoyable. I hope this information helps. Hostels have a tendency to be appealing to a younger group; whereas many older travelers (as well as some younger ones) prefer to stay elsewhere. There are some great inexpensive places to stay that I wrote about in another blog titled: Cheap Traveling Tips – Can You Find Cheap Travel Accommodations?. I provided a link to it on that page, but perhaps you missed it. I mentioned there about other great accommodations as well as hostels. Check it out and happy traveling!


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