Hotel Bargains

Finding great hotel bargains does not have to be a difficult task. Check this travel guide here to see that there are many ways to get these great deals.

There are many variations of prices for hotels and motels when looking for hotel bargains. It can be confusing as to where to look to get bargains. US Grant Hotel Bargains If you know of a favorite hotel, you could contact them directly and try to get the best deal. Most hotels and motels with hotel bargains have their own website so that you can browse before you make a decision. They usually provide a phone number so that you can call them directly. There is also usually other contact information such as email and local address as well. How could they expect you to go to their hotel, if you didn’t know where it was located.

Most people don’t know what hotel or motel that they may want to use. There are so many agency sites on the web for searching for hotel bargains. Where do you begin. There are many sites that can provide you with good prices. Manila Hotel BargainsSome even provide you with a comparison of their site with other sites. You can really get some good deals on Hotwire. Also you might try and for comparison. I had just come across which looks promising, but I haven’t tried it yet. If anyone has tried it, please contact us to share this experience with us and we can post it on our site to share with others.

There is another way to get good prices on rooms with great hotel bargains. Try bidding for your room with Priceline. They have a program where you can bid on rooms and if your bid is accepted, then you get that room at the price that you bid. California Hotel Bargains
If your bid is rejected, you must wait 24 hours before you can place another bid. This keeps you from starting with $1 and increasing by $1 again and again until you get an accepted bid. They will not tell you what the lowest available bid is. However, if you change items in your bid (other than bid price) such as dates, zone, and minimum star rating, you can bid again without waiting 24 hours. You do not know the name of the hotel until the bid is accepted and you make the purchase. You then own it.

Hotwire also has a bidding system but is slightly different than Priceline when searching for hotel bargains. They require you to pick the same criteria as Priceline (dates, zone, and minimum star rating) but the price is not picked. They then show you a list of available prices and you select one. If you select one, then they reveal the name of the hotel and you own it just as it is in Priceline.

Once your bid is accepted, there is no refund. Whether you consider these hotel bargains or not depends on your personal needs. This can be a downside to bidding, but may be worth it for the price that you will pay. Madrid Hotel BargainsHotel amenities are also a risk. If you have specific needs, you may find that they are not provided and you will already be obligated. If you need two beds, Priceline does not guarantee that and you may need to bid on two rooms or use Hotwire. Smoking/non-smoking requirements are also not considered in bidding. If you need these amenities, then you may not consider these hotel bargains. If these limitations are not to your liking, then maybe bidding is not for you; try other methods of search instead where you know what you are getting ahead of time. You may just pay a little more for this convenience but you can still get some hotel bargains.

Please feel free to share good bargains that you found by contacting us.