Find Airport Transportation – What Airport Transportation Is Available?

Unless we are going on a road trip, we always start our trip off by going to the airport to catch a flight. We need to find airport transportation that would suit our personal preferences. Each person may choose a different means depending on what they are most comfortable with. So what airport transportation is available? Let’s look at some alternatives.

Have Someone Drive Us

I am sure that we all have tried this method. We ask a friend or family member to drive us to the airport and then when we return, pick us up and bring us home. This may be easy on you, but is an inconvenience for your friend or family member. If you need to be dropped off at an early hour to catch your flight, this means that your friend or family member must get up early just to take you to the airport. When pickup you up on the return, they do not know when your flight will arrive even if they have your flight schedule. We all know that flights are frequently not on time. Sometimes they may be hours late due to weather or other flight conditions. So, when you do arrive, you must call them and they must drop what they are doing to come get you.

I have done this frequently but have always felt guilty to cause such an inconvenience to someone. I usually offer a similar service to them when they travel, but then I am the one who has to be inconvenienced. There are also times when I cannot get anyone to take me which eventually caused me to start looking for other ways to get to the airport without depending on someone else.

Drive My Car And Park At The Airport

This became the method that I used after no longer depending on someone else to drive me. I would just drive to the airport and park there. This was a reasonable method when I started doing this, but later became more difficult to do. Airports used to have short term parking and long term parking. The short term parking is usually someone who is meeting someone at the airport or for someone who is on a short trip of a day or two. The long term parking is for travelers who would be away for a while (usually a week or more). The long term parking was cheaper than the short term parking but is was further away from the terminal. If you had a lot of luggage, this would make it difficult. If you were traveling with a partner, then you could drop them off with the luggage at the curb and then go to the long term parking. Eventually, even the long term parking got to be very expensive or the airport discontinued the long term parking.

This led to the need to park elsewhere at special parking lots designed for travelers. They would usually provide a shuttle from the parking lot to the terminal and pick you up at the terminal when you returned after you called them. These parking lots can still be used today, but the cost of these lots keep going up and they no longer seem to be as cheap. So what else can we do?


Yes, there is always the idea of calling a taxi. The advantage of this is that you do Taxinot have to drive your car and leave it at the parking lot, wait for the shuttle and then wait on the return after calling them to get back to the parking lot. You simply get picked up right at home and dropped off right at the departure terminal. Taxis are always available at the airport when you arrive to bring you home. Sounds great, but there are some downsides. One downside is obviously the cost. Taxis can be expensive unless you are really close to the airport, but most people are not. Another downside is dependability. When you call for a taxi, you depend on them being prompt because you have a flight to catch. If they are not, then you may miss your flight. I heard of someone who claimed that the taxis never came at all and by the time they called and got another taxi, they missed their flight. I found taxis to be a very poor choice for airport transportation.

While away on vacation, you may consider taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel and again when you are leaving to get back to the airport. Did you know that you may pay more for a taxi in Europe than a car rental. Sometimes it is cheaper to rent as car. Check out the facts and figures at this website from Auto Europe: Taxi vs. Car Rental where you can see the savings.

Super Shuttle

I then discovered shuttles as another way to get to the airport. I used a local shuttle service which eventually became acquired by Super Shuttle which is an Super Shuttleinternational company. They have reasonable rates which beats those of a taxi service. You can make reservations for your airport transportation online and pay online including tip. This means that there is no need to handle any monetary transactions on the day of your trip. They pick you up at the house and drop you off at the departure terminal and they have plenty of room for your luggage. Upon your return, they are always there at the airport and you just go to their pickup point just outside the terminal. They have a scheduled time and are prompt about arriving to pick you up which will make sure that you do not miss your flight.

They have different forms of transportation, but the most common one is the shared shuttle. This is usually a van which can carry quite a few people. You and your party are not the only passengers. When being picked up at home, they make several stops at various homes, so you must be patient and allow enough time for this when going to the airport. The same is true when returning home. The purpose of this is that Super Shuttle can save time and money this way and you pay less. Because they have scheduled times, you must be ready at that time because other customers are depending on the same ride and they would not like to be late for their flight because you were not ready when Super Shuttle arrived at your door. If you want a private shuttle, you can purchase this, but it cost a lot more.


In my search to find airport transportation, I realized that Uber is another Ubermethod of airport transportation. Unlike Super Shuttle, the rides are individual and only shared with members of your own group. If you are traveling alone or with a partner, then you will be the only passengers. You do not have to worry about holding someone else up. Uber is a newer concept where you setup an account with Uber and then download an app on your smartphone or iPhone. When you need a ride, you open up the app and input the desired ride. The app can find your location via GPS and let the driver know where you are to be picked up. You can also see on a map on your smartphone where the driver is and when they will arrive. It is usually within minutes. You do not have to schedule an appointed time like you do with Super Shuttle. Your account has all your credit card information and the amount of tip in percentage format that you wish to provide; therefore, you do not have to handle any money. The app will also tell you approximately how much the trip will cost. The cost is automatically charged to your credit card. Uber may cost a little more that the shared Super Shuttle, but this seems reasonable to me because you do not have to call until you are ready and there is no long waiting time. They are cheaper than the taxis and are more reliable.

There are different types of vehicles depending on your needs or preferences. Each type has a different cost. The cheapest one is called UberX which is a smaller car and may not have room for a lot of luggage, but if you have no luggage (or very little), then this would be a perfect fit. It is probably even cheaper than Super Shuttle, but you would have to check that out in your area. You can go all the way up to a luxury vehicle if you are so inclined. They advertise to be better, faster, and smarter than a taxi. The vehicles are owned by the drivers and they are required to have a certain standard as to the type, size, and year. They must meet certain standards in order to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant ride.

Vehicles are available at all times because there are always Uber drivers on the road so that when you request a ride with your app, a driver is usually close by and available. You can even decide to be an Uber driver and run your own business. You must have a vehicle that is up to Uber standards. Uber drivers are on the road at all hours day and night. So if you wish to be an Uber driver, you would need to spend a decent amount of time on the road to be competitive. Go to the website of Uber to apply.


Lyft is an up and coming service that is very similar to Uber. It is gaining in Lyftpopularity in many cities throughout the world. They have different classes of vehicles at different prices just like Uber. Lyft also has similar standards of vehicles in order to provide a certain level of comfort for the passengers.

So, which service is better or cheaper. The first thing that you must do is determine if the service is available in your area. You can check this online or with the app. Like Uber, Lyft has an app for Android and iOS operating systems. The prices may vary, so you may want to compare both to see which is cheaper in your area. It could be either service.

You can also apply to be a driver for Lyft and run your business. Many drivers drive for both Uber and Lyft. As a passenger, you may get such a driver, but you will only be paying for the service that you selected on this trip. The driver will know which service you are using. You can also have both apps on your phone with accounts set up in both. Then you can make a choice each time that you ride.


Here is a really exciting new way to travel to the airport. The company is called FlightCar. FlightCarThe idea is that you can park your car in a special area belonging to FlightCar for free. They can then rent out your car to other travelers while you are away and you get the rental income. Every rental is insured up to $1 million and the renters are pre-screened. You also get a free car wash. As a member of FlightCar, you can also rent a car from them when you are at your destination. These rental rates are lower than rental car companies. This is a win-win situation. You get paid to rent your car and you get a cheaper rental when you are at your destination. Being as this is a fairly new program, they are not located everywhere yet; but they are adding cities to their list all the time. Check out their website to see if they are operating in your area. If not, you can check back at some later times and maybe they will be servicing you area then.


These are some suggestions that may help you find airport transportation. I am sure there are others that may be available. Please share any ideas that you may have with us or provide us with your thoughts on the suggestions that are discussed in this blog. I always appreciate readers input.

50 thoughts on “Find Airport Transportation – What Airport Transportation Is Available?”

  1. I can definitely see that airport transportation such as a shuttle would be extremely useful in order to travel. My wife and I have been planning on traveling to to a foreign country this upcoming month. I definitely think that he should consider finding a transportation service to make traveling much simpler and streamlined.

    1. Chris,

      A shuttle is a great way to go and very dependable. Whereas, you are planning to travel to other countries, you may check to see what type of transportation services that country would have. Uber and Lyft are two inexpensive transportation systems that service many countries. You may want to consider checking out if these services are available in the countries that you will be visiting. Good luck and happy traveling.


  2. It’s true that, like you said, car service is especially useful for one way trips like going to the airport. It’ll pay for itself when you compare it to paying for airport parking and getting to your flight. It’s important for you to not feel stressed about getting to and from the airport so that you can feel good about your trip.

    1. Bernard,

      You are so right saying that your piece of mind is important. You need to have less stress concerning parking cost as well as finding a parking spot. If you must spend much time in searching for a place to park, it may only stress you out with concerns about missing your flight. This is a good point that I didn’t even consider. Thanks for the insight and Happy Traveling.


  3. Thank you for all this helpful information about choosing an airport transfer transportation. I really like that you say that shuttles are actually there to pick you up when you arrive back home. It would be nice to not have to worry about getting home after your trip.

    1. Frank,

      You are welcome. I reported on Super Shuttles which are already at many airports; however, there could be some other shuttles as well at some airports. Also, car rides such as Uber have a special pickup spot at many airports as well. You can also save some money instead of the heavy parking fees that many airports charge these days. Happy traveling.


  4. Thanks for the information on airport transportation. Speaking form experience, trying to find a parking spot at the airport is a massive pain. I like the idea of a shuttle, since they normally beat the rate of a taxi.

    1. Ridley,

      Yes, the shuttle sure is easier than parking at the airport. Also, parking may end up costing more than the shuttle. The shuttle definitely beats the cost of a taxi. Even the new services of Uber and Lyft would beat the taxi services for convenience and cost. I remember a time when parking at the airport was not that expensive and was easy to park and fly. Those days are gone. Happy traveling!


  5. I agree that asking a friend for a ride to and from the airport can be uncomfortable because it is something out of the way for your friend to do. The good thing about the technology that we have today is that there are multiple different options of ways of transportation. Instead of just having taxis that transport people, now there are car services and people that through applications can pick you up and drop you off. Because of all of the different options available, it is much more convenient to go place to place.

    1. Dave,

      You are so right. It used to be that a taxi was one of the only methods available if you did not have a friend or relative to drive you to the airport and that was usually too expensive to consider. Which leaves us to relying on friends or relatives. I used to use friends or relatives and reciprocate by offering the same courtesy to them to drive them to the airport. Most friends and relatives would do this, but as time moved on and other methods became available at a reasonable cost, their time was always too full to provide you with a ride without possibly alienating them. Thank goodness there are many reasonable options available today. How times change!


  6. I like that you point out that one of the benefits of hiring a taxi is that you don’t have to worry about parking your car in the parking lot. I can see why this would help save you time and money if you drove your own car there. It seems like this would be a good option to choose if you aren’t used to driving in the city you are visiting and need a quick way to the airport. Taxi drivers are used to driving in that area and know the quickest route.

    1. Scott,

      Thanks for you comments. Companies like Uber and Lyft are also gaining in popularity which offers an additional option to taking a taxi. However, they may not always be located in every place that you may be traveling; whereas, taxis can be found almost anywhere. It may be interesting to see where these services end up in the future.


  7. I agree that using a transportation app is a convenient method that can give you the comfort and privacy that you desire when being picked up from the airport. Transportation apps like Uber and Lyft are great ways to travel at your own convenience without any time restrictions. They could be a great solution for when you need transport at an inconvenient time.

    1. Joy,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on transportation apps. Many travelers are familiar with Uber as it is gaining in popularity, but there are still many that do not yet know about Lyft. Lyft is gaining in popularity though. I was in Las Vegas and found that Lyft was handing out discount coupons on the street to promote business. That is sure a good way to get known. Happy Traveling.


    1. Braden,

      There are various kinds of transportation travel to airports besides taxis. I mentioned Super Shuttle, but if that is not available in your area, then you might try searching for other shuttles in your area on the internet. Super Shuttle does not cover everyplace in the world, but it does cover a great deal of the USA. Another alternative (and cheaper) than taxis is Uber. Uber covers areas all over the world. Good luck on your search.


    1. manjeet,

      Thanks for dropping by again. I am glad that you enjoyed this article. Check out some of the other posts. I try to provide helpful tips to aid all travelers.


  8. I agree that shuttles are a good way to get from place to place at an airport. I will make sure to look into this on my next trip. I appreciate the tips you have provided on this website.

    1. John,

      Thanks for dropping by and checking out various airport transportation. I am glad that you found this site helpful. Super Shuttle is very popular and available in many places in the world. Different travelers prefer different transportation methods. Shuttles to the airports are some of the very popular transportation choices. Happy Traveling!


    1. Hi Ridley,

      You can book them online, if you are referring to Super Shuttle. You can pay online in advance and setup your date and time of pickup. They are timely, so be ready when they arrive. It is so fast and easy. Good luck!


  9. I’m glad you mention the shuttle service! This is the option that I usually use to get to the airport. However, when my entire family is going up together, we’ll sometimes go by limo. Surprisingly, this is generally the most cost efficient option compared to taxi and shuttle when travelling in a bigger group, besides the fact that the kids have a blast riding in such a fancy vehicle!

    1. Georgia,

      Thanks for the tip on limo services. I never considered that it could be so cost effective with larger groups. If you can travel in luxury and save money, why not?


  10. My wife needs to go to the airport for a trip, and was thinking about hiring a shuttle to help her out. It makes sense that you would want to make sure that you know when your flight leaves. That way, you will be able to make it on time.

    1. Shad,

      This is a great way for your wife to get to the airport. The shuttle takes your flight departure time into consideration and makes sure that you get there with plenty of time. By sticking to their time schedule, you will no longer miss your flights. Happy Traveling!


  11. You mentioned that shuttles often have better rates than a normal taxi service and you can often pay for the transportation online. My brother will be visiting me soon and could use some transportation to get to my home as I will be very busy that day with other errands. I’m sure he would appreciate something more affordable than a taxi, so I’ll have to recommend a shuttle service.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      If your brother is coming by plane, he can probably find a shuttle service right at the airport and take it to your home. It is so much easier and cheaper. Glad I could help.

    1. Jay,

      Yes, I agree that parking is not what it used to be many years ago. The parking costs have become so high at the airports that it may even cost more than your trip. Offsite parking doesn’t get much better because you still have to pay a substantial amount and then you need a shuttle to the airport from the offsite parking lot. I agree that using other transportation services is a better solution with all the traffic at airports today. Why not let someone else do the driving, so you can just concentrate on enjoying your trip.


  12. I agree that having a friend drive you to the airport is usually somewhat inconvenient. I would imagine that it would be much easier to just hire a service to take you instead of trying to find someone to fit your schedule. I’m flying out of town pretty early in the morning this week so I’ll have to find an airport transportation service to help me get there.

    1. Olivia,

      Many of the transportation services that I mentioned are available at all hours. Having a friend drive you may not be one of them (it depends on how good a friend that your friends may be). I used to rely on friends or family to drive me to the airport, but it got to be such a hassle for them, that I started to look into other ways to get there. Happy traveling!


  13. I like what this article mentions about the different options for airport transportation and their benefits and drawbacks. It makes sense that a taxi could be a good way to get around without prior planning while something like a reserved shuttle could be the quickest way with a little planning. It’s something to keep in mind when looking to go on vacation with my family because hiring a taxi service before arriving could be a good way of spending as little time in the airport as possible.

    1. Tyler,

      If you don’t like having to plan your ride in advance and still want to keep cost down, you might consider Uber or Lyft as mentioned in this blog. This is the latest form of traveling around locally and is very popular. Why not give it a try. You can access them with a provided link and set up a free account. Good luck!


  14. I didn’t realize that there was so many different types of airport transportation available. The Super Shuttle was one that stood out to me the most. As you say, local shuttle services eventually became acquired by Super Shuttle. In different areas, I’m sure that it’s a similar story. So, doing your research and looking into the local shuttle services that your airport provides can help you get to the airport on time and not have to pay a lot of money for it!

    1. Lauren,

      It is true that there are many shuttle services available in all parts of the world. I touched on Super Shuttle, which covers many cities throughout the world. My point was to cover various types of transportation with different services and costs. I hope that you can find what you want.


  15. I appreciated the suggestions for transportation options. I’ve heard about a few of these before. Something that I think is helpful for choosing is to look up any reviews online beforehand. It might give you a better idea of what you can expect.

    1. Zequek,

      Thanks for dropping by. I agree that checking reviews before purchasing anything is always a good idea. I always practice that myself. My whole website is about providing travelers with tips and ideas as well as reviews on various products to help my readers. I hope that you found this site helpful. Happy traveling.


  16. Thank you for letting me know about the different options that there are when receiving transportation from the the airport. The taxi and super shuttle are options that have bee around for a while, so I was pretty familiar with those. Uber and Lyft anre not ones I have heard of before. I will need to do some more research and decide which transportation is the best for me. Thank you for the information!

    1. Erika,

      Thanks for dropping by and checking out airport transportation options. Uber has become very popular and makes claims that it is competitive with taxi services. Lyft is starting to make progress and competing with Uber. You should be able to find much information as these services are growing in popularity throughout the world. You can access them from the links on this webpage. Signing up is free and once signed up, you can use an app on your iphone or other smartphone to obtain a ride whenever or wherever you want. Keep you money in your pocket because all cost is taken care of automatically with your account.


  17. I’m trying to plan a trip and I need to figure out transportation before I go. I’m thinking a taxi or shuttle service would work better for me. A little later on I’ll probably rent a car. The shuttle is appealing because there would be a lot of space and I wouldn’t have to jam my stuff.

    1. Skylar,

      I too have struggled on the best way to travel to an airport. The shuttle does provide more room for your luggage and is a good choice. If you use Uber, you can select a larger vehicle to handle your luggage. Of course, you will have to pay more than when you are using a smaller vehicle. Uber is usually cheaper than a taxi. When at my destination, I vary on the choice of transportation. If I plan on driving around a lot, then I would usually rent a car. If not, I may use Uber. There are so many good choices with pros and cons on each choice. Good luck on your choice and thanks for visiting my site.


  18. I’m sure that most people are used to getting a taxi whenever they travel. If it was me, I would probably go for one of the other services since getting a taxi is quite normal. Why not change things up and go with another company? Try and make it fun!

    1. Andy,

      Great idea of just changing things for variety. When all of these ideas become quite normal and everyday, I am sure that there will be other new experiences to explore which will really spice things up again.


  19. I dislike this design for a bit because I have used it and it was unsuccessful. But now I see it in your context Im a bit envious. I see the way you create trust by showing your text as a sort of newspaper format. This is very powerful. The content is also very trustworthy and you write in a nice style.

    1. Maurice,

      I am sorry that you do not like the design. I usually write with black text on a white background as that seems to be the easiest to read. It is interesting that you compared it to a newspaper format. I never thought of that. The main point is to get valuable information to the reader. I do enjoy traveling an therefore enjoy writing and sharing it with other travelers. Thanks for you comments.


  20. I can see by the content on the article that you have a lot of first hand experience in traveling. Your article is well written and holds the readers attention. However, I would like to see a more interesting background. Something that looks a little better then a solid white background. It might hold the readers attention a bit more. I hope that helps!

    1. Nick,

      Thanks for stopping by at my website. I do enjoy traveling an that makes it easier to write about. I am glad that you liked the article. I find that a white background is considered the best for text so that the reader is not distracted by glaring background colors. Also, colored backgrounds may be harder on the eye to read. A black text on white background is usually found to be the most effective. It would be interesting to see how other readers feel. Thanks for the input.


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