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Midlife Or Retirement

These websites relate to midlife and retirement issues. They could be of interest to readers of our site who may be in their midlife or at retirement age and are interested in other midlife or retirement issues beyond that of traveling (although some of them have travel related issues as well).

Midlife Men : Noel McNaughton provides readers with the process of men dealing with midlife issues. This site is completely sharing many situations with other men dealing with these midlife issues.

The Essential Guide to Travelling with a Medical Condition
Diabetes Travel Supplies, Medication Tips, Shots and More
Airports and Special Needs Travel: A Complete Guide : These sites can be very helpful about safe traveling concerning medical conditions, having diabetes and having special needs.


These websites relate to outdoor activities. Although many travelers look for many types of traveling ideas, these websites just deal with outdoor activities in more detail which may be of interest to many of our readers.

Walkabout Travel Gear : Brad and Gia have been selling travel gear online since 1995. They claim that the gear has been personally tested as they have acquired a lot of these items in their own travels around the world. They also provide some great travel tips on their website.

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Other Travel Ideas

These websites provide additional ideas for our readers in greater detail to help stimulate the imagination on other types of traveling. As we see more of these, we may add them to our list for the benefit of our readers.

Halong Bay Cruises, Halong bay Tours, Halong Bay Junks
You want a Halong bay cruises. No need to find at any location too far, just click and book this website – www.halong-bay-cruises.com

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