Discount Flights

Get some great discount flights by searching special websites. You can really get some good deals if you are flexible including business and first class.

We all know that there are places to find discount flights, but where are they. I hope to be able to guide you with leads on such places. Southwest Airline Discount FlightsYears ago, we all had to go to travel agents to plan our vacations. We were at the mercy of these agents and the only recourse was to change agents if we were not satisfied. Then along came something known as the world wide web. We then started surfing the web, to find the best deals in travel with some good discount flights.

The first place that we usually looked at were flight travel to our desired destination. We would surf different airlines to find the best deal. This was time consuming, but we always felt that it was worth the effort in order to control our own costs.

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This started to put travel agents out of business as we know it.  Cabin Discount FlightsHowever, they learned fast that the way to continue to survive was to do in Rome as the Romans do (This is not a plug for a trip to Rome). They set up sites under different names to help you find the best deal and get good discount flights. The difference was that on the internet, you get to control your search. This made it easier than to go to many airline sites thereby saving a lot of time. We came to know some of these sites as Expedia, Travelocity, etc.

Expedia was started by Microsoft in order to get a jump on this new market. If certain companies had disputes with these agents, they would be removed from the travel agency’s website. Such an example is the removal of AMR Corporation (parent of American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines). Flight Attendants Discount FlightsTravelocity was started by Sabre Corporation which is a subsidiary of American Airlines. These bias and disputes may lead to uneven search results but we still found it a better alternative that searching for each airline separately which helped save time. Although these websites cover more than just airlines, we are going to be concentrating on airline discount flights on this webpage. I feel that there are better sites with better deals, but I still use Expedia and Travelocity sometimes (if only for comparison of other deals that I may have found). and are discount travel websites that offers good discount flights. They can provide some good deals and even opportunities for last minute traveling if you are open to your destination. You may have to be ready to travel with very little time before the trip.

Discount flights do not have to be limited to coach fare. There are many great methods to get discount flights on business class and first class tickets. Many of the flights for these classes may be for international travel.  First Class Discount FlightsWith some of the new types of planes that are being offered for international travel, the seating can be very luxurious.

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When searching for discount flights, check your chosen flight to see what type of services are available on that flight by going to and entering your flight income. Just because you found some discount flights, you may still want to make sure that you can fly in comfort.

If there are other services or sites for discount flights that you would like to share, please let us know by contacting us.