Business and First Class

Find out what some of the best ways are to get cheap business class and first class airline tickets. There are ways that you can use to fly in luxury at a lower cost. It does not have to cost a lot.

We would all like to travel in First Class or at least Business Class. With some of the newer planes today, this class of traveling is even more comfortable with the new reclining sleepers. First Class SeatsNight flights no longer need to be uncomfortable for long distance international travel.

We have always believed that we could not fly in First Class or Business Class because it is too costly. This does not have to be the case. There are different ways to find great deals in obtaining seats in Business and First Class.

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The best way is to have mileage programs with accumulated miles that can be used to purchase First Class or Business Class seats. Accumulating miles can be time consuming because you must first travel at your own expense. There is a way around this as well. There are many credit card offers that provide you with an enormous sum of miles as an incentive to sign up. These miles can be used to purchase the upper class seats. You must make sure that you meet the minimum spending requirements within a certain period to get these bonus miles.

So use your new card for things that you may have paid cash for or used another card for. Try using them to purchase groceries.First Class Cabin

There is a time limit on using these miles or they will expire; however, this can be avoided. Some cards allow you to purchase miles, which would start the time limit over again for expiration. This is not a financially attractive method, so just use the smallest amount of purchase to keep it active. You could sign up for a dining program or shopping program. This means that you will get miles every time you dine at an approved restaurant or shop at an approved vendor (many of these are online shopping). You can also donate miles to a charity which will extend your expiration time. Note that closing your credit card will not cause your miles to expire; they will just transfer to the airline program.

Watch out for fuel surcharges when redeeming the miles.  This may make the awards less attractive. Business Class CabinSome airlines have them and some do not. Be sure to check these out when obtaining a card. Watch where the airlines travel to. If they do not go to places that interest you, then look for another airline that does and offers an awards card. Be aware that miles can be earned from paid tickets but not award tickets.

New airlines and new routes can sometimes have great prices on Business Class and First Class tickets. When Airtrans was a new airline, I found out that I could travel across country to my destination in Business Class for just a little more than what other airlines charged for Coach. The only drawback was that it left from Los Angeles and not San Diego, where I lived. They did not service the San Diego airport at that time. But it was worth the drive to Los Angeles to get this great savings. When Airtrans was no longer a new airline, such bargains stopped with them. The point is to keep looking for new ones.

Upgrades from Coach can sometimes be a great way to find a bargain. Always be on the lookout for such opportunities. Business Class SeatsIf an airline you are flying on is overbooked and looking for volunteers to give up their seat, the airline may be willing to make great concessions. If you can afford the time delay, maybe this can be an opportunity to get a free upgrade to Business Class or First Class.

If you have any other ideas or experiences on flying Business Class or First Class, please let us know by contacting us.