About Me

Hello fellow travelers.bob-picture My name is Bob and I have been a traveler for many years.

I have dreamed of traveling all my life. The more I learned of wonders of the world, the more I wanted to see them. In my childhood, my first dream was to visit Disneyland. Actually, that dream never left me; however, I have fulfilled that dream many times now.

In my younger years, I have traveled mostly around my own country, United States of America. Costs and personal obligations have prevented me from traveling much further. My first big trip was when I was a young adult and traveled across the country by car with a friend for about a month. It was such a memorable trip. Yes, I traveled on the old Route 66.

Eventually, I ventured out to other countries close to the USA, such as various cities and locations in Canada and Mexico. I have always wanted to experience other cultures. Also, some trips to Hawaii were made. Although Hawaii is part of the USA, I still consider that a long trip because it is half way across the Pacific Ocean.

I later, started making trips to Europe and Asia and got to see other parts of the world and enjoyed some of the customs of other cultures.

Some of my trips were as a single person, some were as a couple, and some in a group. Having experienced different types of travel and learned a lot of great tips along the way by trial and error, I wish to share some of these tips with you. This is the purpose of this website. This site is for all of us and we can learn new ideas together. Feel free to contact me with any additional ideas that you may wish to share. I would look forward to hearing from you with your great travel ideas.

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Traveling! 😊

Your travel partner,