10 Best Travel Apps

There are so many apps out there today (and this is just for traveling) that it was not easy to pick the 10 best travel apps. I narrowed it down to the following apps which I thought would be some of the best for traveling. These are not in any kind of order of quality; they are just a list of apps that you may find to be some of the best. You may know of other apps that you feel should be on this list; if so, please feel free to mention them so that we may share them with all the readers.

1. Travelmath Trip Calculator

The travelmath trip calculator is an app that lets you calculate travel distance, travel time and travel costs for your planned trip. Compare flying vs driving for cost, distance and time. Calculate the value of time vs cost by using a score. You can find driving distance between cities and flight distance between airports and you can also find flight times and length of the flights. You can calculate the cost of your driving and plan a budget for gas. If on a road trip, you can find hotels to stop at and the distance and time to reach them. This app is free and available for iPhones and Android phones. You can learn more about this app at travelmath.com.

2. Road Trippers

Road Trips RoadRoad Trippers is an app that finds the best places to stop, plan a trip and book a hotel. You can organize a trip right on Google Maps. Just drop pins on the map. You can plan routes by walking and/or driving. This can be a great app for road trips. You can get this app for free for both iPhones and Android phones. Additional information about this app can be found at roadtrippers.com.

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a very popular app for finding the cheapest flights.Skyscanner It is most effective when you are flexible on the days that you wish to travel. You an look at the cheapest rates on different days and choose your dates accordingly. It even has the ability to look up hotels and car rentals. This app can be downloaded for free for iPhones and Android phones. You can also use this online at skyscanner.com.

4. Hotel Tonight

California Hotel BargainsHotel tonight is an app that helps you find hotels at the last minute. With just a few taps and a swipe, you will have booked a hotel for the night. If you got stuck in an airport and needed a place to stay for the night, this app could really come in handy. This is a free app that can be downloaded for iPhones and Android phones. See some of the ways that you can use this app at hoteltonight.com.

5. Hostelworld

Hostelworld has an app that can find hostels for booking.Hostel I have mentioned them in Other Accommodations. Hostels are popular among the young people and are less expensive than hotels by eliminating many of the hotel luxuries. Although you can go online at hostelworld.com to find and book a hostel and also learn more about hostelworld, the app is also available for free for iPhones and Android phones.

6. AirBnB

AirBnB is a network that connects travelers with hosts for accommodations. Although the app is free for both iPhones and Android phones, you still need to set up a profile with AirBnB. Once setup, you are free to make reservations through the app. This is much more convenient then using the website airbnb.com when on the road. The cost of the fee is paid to AirBnB but is still less expensive as I discussed in my blog about cheap travel accommodations.

7. Google Maps

Google-MapGoogle Maps is another free app that can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android phone for free. It may already be on your phone when you purchased it; if so, you do not need to download anything. You can use the Google Map features at google.com/maps but it is very inconvenient whereas using the app eliminates the need for any maps on all your travels. It can be used for road trips or even on car rentals. The ability to have it help you get to your destination whether it is by car or just walking has almost become a necessity. It also has the ability to interact with many different apps. Check with any apps that you have to determine if Google Maps interacts with it.

8. Google Translate

If you are going to be in another country that speaks a different language other than yours, then you might want to consider learning a bit of the language with a course line Rocket Languages. For your help, I have posted blog reviewing Rocket Languages. If you won’t be there that long and do not want to spend the time learning the language, then you will love Google Translate free app which is available for iPhones and Android phones. You can test it to see how easy it is translate from one language to another at translate.google.com. However, when you are traveling, you will find the app more helpful. You can even take pictures of text with your phone and have the app translate it for you. You can oral conversations with someone while the app translates it to the other person that you are conversing with and have them do the same thing to translate it back. You don’t even have to type anything; although, some languages may require you to type. Communications are no longer a problem.

9. XE Currency

Have you ever had all the exchange rates that you needed for your trip, only to find that they changed and are not the same anymore?16-Currency-Signs Well, with the XE Currency app, that is not a problem. You can convert currencies with this free app on the fly. This not only is available for IPhones and Android phones, but is also available for Blackberry and Window phones. You can try out the exchange rates on xe.com but download the apps for convenience when traveling. Now you can be sure that you are getting the best exchange rate.

10. Uber

Uber is becoming one of the most popular services for travelers throughout the world. It is a transportation service that is similar to a taxi service but much cheaper. It is completely run by a free app that can be downloaded to an iPhone or Android phone. You have to set up your account with Uber before you can use the service. You can go online at uber.com to setup the account or use the app. You enter your credit card information on your account and every time that you use Uber, your account is automatically charged including the tip which you specify in advance during the setup. You can always log on to your account and change any information that you may want. I find this service very useful when traveling to or from an airport. However, you can use this service for day to day commuting around your own neighborhood. There are different levels of service with different costs. I found that UberX is the most popular and also the cheapest.


Although I have listed 10 best travel apps, these are only a small list of what is available when traveling. If you wish to share any ideas about other apps, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you wish to share other thoughts, feel free to contact us.

12 thoughts on “10 Best Travel Apps”

    1. Smith,

      Thanks for dropping by. These are just some of the apps that are available. It is amazing just how many are out there. I would probably have to write a book to cover them all. Besides apps for android users, there are many that also apply to users of Apple products (iphones, ipads, etc). Happy traveling!


    1. Navnit,

      I’m glad that you dropped by. These apps are just some that can be useful for traveling. You would be surprised how many there are out there. It would take up my whole website to cover them. I have reviewed the ones that I use the most. I hope that you find them useful.


  1. Hey there, this is some good stuff right here. I haven’t heard of many travel apps before. I believe these apps are so useful when planning a travel, and actually this could serve a lot to my brother who enjoys travelling pretty frequently. I’ll tell him about the apps and I’m sure he is going to download them. Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. Carlos,

      I am glad to be of help. The apps listed here are just some of the ones that I have used. There are new apps coming out every day. It sure makes traveling a lot easier. I hope your brother gets some good use from them.


    1. Hi Milan,

      I am so glad that you visited and liked this kind of post. I am always looking for new types of apps to make my traveling easier. This is a quickly changing world and there are always new apps to consider every day. Keep looking and you may find more. Happy traveling!


  2. Hi Bob,
    Great review and indeed it appears that, while offering different features in comparison to others that all of the travel apps that you recommended would be quite advantageous for the person taking a trip – or with Uber making arrangements to be driven to a destination.

    I am familiar with several of these apps myself, and noticed that you stated that the remaining apps would all be free to install on one’s mobile device.

    The Google Translate and XE currency apps would almost be indispensable for the traveler visiting a foreign country; and in the former case not really being familiar with the language of that country. I remember when I visited Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a little of France and Italy on a 16 day bus tour back in 1994 – and well before cell phones were so popular, that trying to figure out the foreign currencies of each country was an issue.

    A very informative article that you took the time to research and then write Bob for your readers. Thank you for sharing it!


    1. Jeff,

      Thanks for visiting. It does seem that the Google Translate and the XE currency apps are very popular. I agree that before the wonderful world of modern technology, traveling required a lot more planning. Knowing the exchange rates was only the beginning. I used to carry small pocket size handbooks that would translate popular phrases, but even then, I would pronounce words incorrectly from time to time. It did take a while to research this post, but it was not only worthwhile for my readers, but I benefited as well. May your next trip be smooth and pleasant.


  3. Okay, this is awesome. I’m so downloading these apps. I love anything that helps you on travels and I thought the GPS was just enough, but these are all lovely! I specially like the google translator app functions you mention, translate photos? That’s amazing! With that, the currency converter app and the uber app…as long as you know english and have enough dollars, the world is yours my friend. Thank you!

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for dropping by. Indeed, these are some great apps, but there are even so many more. I agree that the translation app is really handy. You do not even have to know English. This translator translates between many languages and neither one has to be English. I guess that means all you need is enough dollars. Of course there are cheaper ways to travel as you may see on other posts and various pages on this website. Happy traveling!


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